The Dragon ~ Does your Parkinson’s have a name?

~ Meg Bernard ~ small girl with Parkinson’s

My PD lives as a separate entity from myself. He holds a human form, black and faceless. He calls himself the dragon, for that is what he is; dangerous and strong; but so am I.
Neither can help but respect the strength and fortitude of the other; for we know each other better than any other pair in existence; because we live the same life.
Each day begins as though we are fencing. We stand and face each other; give a slight bow; and then begin.
Ultimately we both know who will win; I know it; he knows it. Yet the dragon puts all he has into this daily battle, and by doing so, forces me to do the same. The fear and fight required are real. This invisible demon is as tangible to me as friend. There is no easy way out. Everyday, we fight to the end.
Yet, it is because of this that I owe a degree of gratitude to my nemesis. In the end it is how hard I had to fight that has created this person that I am proud to be. Yes, a person with war wounds and battle scars; a person exhausted and desperate for sleep at the end of every day; but always a person stronger than the day before. For this, I thank him.
The Dragon

The Dragon ~ Black and faceless; we stand and face each other; give a slight bow; and then begin.


2 thoughts on “The Dragon ~ Does your Parkinson’s have a name?

  1. I’ve never thought of it in that way. But yes it is an endless battle. Your dragon has chose a formidable opponent. With your strength and knowledge you fight with skills a nigga and power of a Grizzly Bear.
    Great things come in small packages

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  2. You are definitely a force not to be reckoned with Meg. Your “dragon” doesn’t know who it picked a battle with. Yes, I have a name for mine but out of courtesy I will not say it. I will keep going and doing my best to try to keep it at bay and keep that face on that you talk about. We will stand tall and proud.


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