She’s Leaving on a Jet Plane ~ Parkinson’s pre-vacation jitters?

Watch out Orlando! Here comes Meg!!

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…

This “Small girl with Parkinson’s”…plus an entourage of people who are all officially taller than her, are heading to Orlando Florida, where yes, we will do everything Disney and Universal (Harry Potter world!! Woohoo! I’m a ‘not so closet Potter fan’) and hopefully sleep. Phew!

But in true ‘Small girl’ style, I have also decided to make this trip something of an experiment….

Small girl’s last trip to Orlando was before my diagnosis of Parkinson disease, when symptoms were just beginning to show…what challenges will show themselves now that my disease has substantially progressed? Hmmmm…

***I wrote this blog a few days ago. So this paragraph was added today***

***Due to unforeseen complications. Small girl had emergency surgery yesterday due to serious complications with her feeding tube…BUT with true “Small girl” determination I am on the road, as I write this, heading to an airport 3 hours south…(and because I don’t want to get scolded, I choose to plead the 5th and not disclose how I’m feeling right now…) WiIl this unexpected ‘twist in the road’, which affects my PD, change the outcome of said trip? Hmmmm….***

Also, Small/tall children are now all teenagers, granted they are delightful teenagers, yet one with autism and 2 with serious medical conditions…than add teenage hormones into mix? Hmmmm….

And then there is ‘Beastie’ (Small girl’s kitty). Last time I was away for a few days, I had to FaceTime Beastie in order to get him to eat, drink and sleep. Yes, I actually had a FaceTime session with my cat. Don’t laugh! Will this separation anxiety create a challenge for both girl and cat? Hmmmm……

Also, now this is a very serious possibility…Will “Small girl with Parkinson’s” ever return? Or will she remain forever in the Magic Kingdom; a place where spontaneously bursting into song is not seen as an oddity but is instead encouraged!!! Hmmmm…

But more than anything this is to test Small girl’s ability to travel. For example, try crossing the border with 27 boxes of formula; my only food; which must fly as carry on luggage. As each box is 8 ounces, an amount greater than the accepted 4 ounces, well, can anyone say ‘customs nightmare?’ hmmmm….

I’m genuinely curious to see how the next few weeks play out, and then I’m excited to share the outcome with you. I’m promising many, many laughs, some travel advice, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a few tears of frustration enter the mix. But hey, nothing wrong with that!

It’s gonna be a blast!!!!

Much love,
~ Meg, Small girl with Parkinson’s

2 thoughts on “She’s Leaving on a Jet Plane ~ Parkinson’s pre-vacation jitters?

  1. Oh my….spontaneously bursting into song encouraged but not while navigating through what could possibly be a customs nightmare!!! Prayers coming your way for wise and compassionate US customs officer!!!


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